What Human Food Can Ferrets Eat?

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Like every other living organism, ferrets need food to survive. The best food for ferret can be anything that you feed them. These little creatures may not be able to express but require a specific kind of food. Ferrets are carnivores i.e. flesh-eaters, therefore, settling them to be vegetarian could be harmful to them. Humans are omnivores i.e. who eat both plants and flesh. Living in a plant-eating i.e. a vegetarian family a ferret may not demand meat but may need them to have a good and healthy living. So, what human food can ferret eat? Is there any?

Nutrition that Ferret needs

What Human Food Can Ferrets Eat?

  • High Protein: Ferrets being carnivores require a large amount of animal protein. The digestive tracts are small and cannot digest much fiber.
  • High Fats: Meat contains fats that are not just a need for the ferret but also a supplement for them. A lamb based diet serves the best for them.
  • Vitamin E: Vitamin E has the most powerful impact on the body of a ferret. It not just keeps them healthy but also provides them with appropriate supplements.

Why a meat-based diet?

The ferrets have a very small gastrointestinal tract. Most of the vegetables and fruits are richer in fibers than protein and carbohydrates. These fibers are hard to digest for them and can get caught in the tracts causing discomfort and diseases. In addition to it, vegetarian foods tend to cause kidney stones, malnutrition, bladder stones, dull fur coat, and insulinomas (tumor in the pancreas). Although cat food may have enough meat supplements for the ferret it is recommended to give them a ferret cat diet which may be of a better benefit to them. The question in the minds remains the same what human food can ferret eat?

Human food that is safe for ferrets

What Human Food Can Ferrets Eat?


Chicken is one such protein food that ferrets would love to have. It can be consumed by them either in cooked form or boiled form. Cooking and boiling are essential to kill the bacteria prevailing in them. Although they are generally raw eating creatures, they would love to chew on a spiced chicken.

Red meat:

Red meat is of a high preference by the ferrets. They would jump up on it at any particular time. The ferret lifestyle is more into eating in portions than consuming a lot at one particular time. It is more recommended to feed them with cooked meat than a raw one. A fresh piece of meat can also help make a portion of the best food for ferret as they would love to explore the food by tearing it apart and eat as if they were in the wilds.


Eggs are high in protein and highly liked by the ferrets. They can easily consume up to one whole egg. Eggs come with another drawback of causing constipation to the ferrets. Raw eggs are something that may or may not be liked by the ferret. If you boil an egg, the ferrets would roll and play with it before taking its taste into their mouth. Feeding an egg diet to your ferret can not just be easy but also be a daily intake of it can bore your little friend only to reject them in further meals.


What Human Food Can Ferrets Eat?

Bones is not just a source of calcium but the bone marrow contains several micro and macronutrients essential for the growth of the ferrets. The pieces of bones that one tends to throw away or dig in the garden (especially chicken bones, lamb bones, etc. can be the best fit. Even if you serve your ferret the chicken bones of the ones you’ve already had one must make sure that it is well clean for a half-eaten dirty bone may not be much entertained by the ferret.


Although milk is a very good source of calcium, ferrets may not benefit from it. Milk is something not to be given regularly to the ferrets. They are lactose intolerant. But it can be easily given to them very less in amount occasionally but very rarely. Cow milk tends to cause dysentery and dehydration in them. It is not at all recommended to feed them soy milk which interferes with calcium absorption from other foods. Goat milk and other low lactose milk are safer for them. The main reason to avoid dairy products for ferrets is that they do not have enzymes that help in the digestion of lactose and similar products.


What Human Food Can Ferrets Eat?

Water is another important product for ferrets. It helps them protect from dehydration and gives them the energy to run around the place. It is recommended o filter the water as it can either cause health issues in the ferrets or also make them reject the bowl that you give them. Ferrets can smell chemicals that are not compatible with their body type. Water given to the ferrets must be increased as the temperature increases.


Although ferrets should not be made into eating veggies very often, there are certain ferret friendly veggies that are safe for them. Vegetables are usually given to ferrets that are fighting scurvy and are incapable of producing vitamin C of their own. A fresh batch of cauliflower, tomatoes, squash, and broccoli are considered to be ferret friendly. The best of all ways to feed them is by blending them into puree form. This can be easier for the ferrets to eat and swallow.

It is now quite clear about what human food can be the best food for ferret? Meat, meat, and meat! Although if anyone wishes to switch the ferret from meat to a vegetable eater, one must do that with a procedure recommended by the doctor you usually take your little friend to. A ferret may always show signs of the diet are causing a problem for them. Therefore, watch out and make sure your ferrets get the best of all that they need in the best way!