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Grass-fed Beef from Five Dot Ranch in Northern California. No need to fire up the grill – We slow roast to keep all of the flavor and nutrition in each bite. You and your best friend can taste the difference happy cows make. 3oz. ✓  HUMANELY RAISED ✓  NO ANTIBIOTICS OR HORMONES ✓  ALWAYS ON PASTURE… Read More »


Made from hens that have been raised humanely and eat organically. These snacks are slow cooked and delicately seasoned to make your pooch and you happy. Low in fat, high in protein and Turmeric-perfect for dogs with sensitive tummies or sore joints. 3oz.   LOTS OF TURMERIC NO ANTIBIOTICS OR HORMONES RANGING FREE NO GLUTEN NO… Read More »


Eating high off the hog is a load of hooey, the really tasty bits go to the dogs in this bag of porky deliciousness. You can taste the difference when hogs get hugs in the pasture. 3oz. ✓  HUMANELY RAISED ✓  NO ANTIBIOTICS OR HORMONES ✓  ALWAYS ON PASTURE ✓  NO GLUTEN ✓  NO GUILT ✓… Read More »


Can’t decide? Let your pooch try them all with our sample pack. 1 3oz bag of each flavor – Moo, Cluck & Oink – and the shipping is FREE! Win-Win-Happy! FREE SHIPPING!          

There are two big reasons to share Scrappy with your pets.

1) Your Pet Scrappy snacks are crafted to have a flavor and texture that make them irresistible to your best friend (many folks refer to Scrappy snacks as “Mutt Crack”). This means that you’re giving your pet great joy and a great incentive. The promise of a Scrappy will strongly encourage your pooch, kitty, ferret… Read More »

The Scrappy Way

There is no better way to show your love for your pet than to give them a Scrappy snack. And nothing is more fun than seeing how much your pet loves Scrappy. At Scrappy, we share the love with everyone that works hard to bring you and your pet the best food possible. You and… Read More »

Scrappy Partners

For seven generations the Swickards have been raising cattle in Northern California. Their Angus Cross has been bred over this time to flourish on the pastures they roam. This rich tradition of ranching, respect for their land and pride in their cattle, make the Swickard family perfect partners with the Scrappy family. The meat we… Read More »